About Paper Parachute

Paper Parachute may be located in a small corner of the Pacific Northwest, but we feel we are part of the creative community of art rubber stampers, scrapbookers and artists not only in the US but around the globe. Please take a few moments and get to know all of us here at Paper Parachute.

Beth Thompson
Owner Paper Parachute
Beth is a native of the Pacific Northwest. She has worked in the scrapbooking and stamping world for over 6 years. Her early career was spent as a floral designer and owner of Andrews' Canby Flowers in Canby, Oregon. Beth founded and ran her own company, Occasions by Elizabeth, specializing in Events and Wedding Planning, for over a decade. As the new owner of Paper Parachute™, Beth is looking forward too bringing you more of the high quality and original products you have come to expect. Paper Parachute™ is truly a family affair these days, with Beth's husband and 3 stepchildren pitching in on a daily basis; helping to manufacture stamps and assist with packaging and shipping. Beth likes to keep in touch via Paper Parachute™ Facebook page.

Agi Werner
Principal Designer for Paper Parachute
Agi has been a designer for over 38 years. Her roots from Budapest, Hungary serve as an inspiration for her colorful life. Agi's work has been featured in books, magazines and on television. Her designs have been used in the fashion world, by businesses, corporations, event planners and movie studios. Paper Parachute™ was founded by Agi in 1990. The scrap-booking and stamping company began as a rubber stamp company, later adding her unique paper designs and other embellishments for scrap-booking and custom card making. In 2012 Agi turned over the day to day operations and sold the company to her longtime friend Beth Thompson. Agi remains the principal Designer for Paper Parachute™, and still makes time to travel, teacch and design for her clients around the globe. See our coming events page for classes Agi will be teaching across the country.

Helen Bosely
Helen is an artist and teacher who specializes in mixed media paper arts. Helen's greatest strength and greatest joy is inspiring others to have confidence and enjoyment in their own creativity. Beginning with a traditional art education in the 70's, a stamp store in Maryland for 17 years, and most recently an experimental art studio in Hillsboro, Helen has followed the pursuit of bringing Craft and Art together for everyone. She opened Art on a Lark Studio with her sister Lorraine Bosely in 2009, and for two wonderful years shared her knowledge, creativity, and love of art with an ever-growing community in Hillsboro, Oregon. But as we all know, nothing wonderful lasts forever. Helen chose to close ART on a Lark in August of 2011, but she did so knowing that the creative fellowship the studio inspired would live on without it. She now teaches classes throughout the Portland metro area, sharing her enthusiasm for art and her knowledge gained from years of inspiration and experience with friends and students old and new. Helen is a co-creator and host with Beth for the Creative Endeavors Club, held monthly. She also holds a Saturday classes at Paper Parachute™ and Main St. Stamp and Stationary. See our coming events page for details on classes and events.
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Brad Anderson
Marketing & Design Consultant
Brad was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and still lives in the Portland/Metro area. He can't imagine living anywhere else. The natural beauty of the Northwest always inspires him to create new works of art. From the Pacific coast range, to Mt. Hood, to the high desert hills of Eastern Oregon. All these places gives him endless material and inspiration to create new pieces of art.

He has been an artist in some form or another since he can remember. He would sit and watch Bob Ross and Bill Alexander on OPB every week. They both inspired him to find his own artistic voice. Helen Van Wyk and Jerry Yarnell were also inspiring to him as a young artist.

Once he found his direction, he started to study other artist's work. This helped him fine-tune his own style, and as time goes on his work is constantly changing. He admires the dedication of masters such as Monet, Dali, and Da Vinci and is in awe of contemporary artists like Bev Dolittle, Stephen Lyman, Ramona Youngquist, and Sandee Burman.

He started his digital career later in life. He found a great passion with the ease and forgiveness of the medium. The options he found within the digital world are endless. The only limit is your imagination. Using his newly found direction, he now freelances as a digital artist and marketing & design consultant. He hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed creating it.
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